Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Post + Quilts

Well this is my first post on my new blog I still have my other blog HERE but I wanted a blog dedicated towards my quilty stuff :) Quilting is a new crafty adventure for me. My "other" mother has been trying to get me to quilt for like 15 years. And Not.So.Much. I had absolutely no interest in quilting. I was a scrapbooker. Yep a scrapbooker. Still am. I lived, ate and breathed it. Then last year in April I literally woke up one morning and wanted to quilt. It was quite funny when I called my "other" mother and told her to. She laughed and laughed and laughed some more. At one point I put the phone down walked away and came back and she was still...yep laughing. Ever since then I am hooked. Hooked in a big way. I stalk delicious beautiful blogs filled to the brim with quilty goodness and I stalk online fabric stores for all the latest and greatest goodies... Hmmm.. kinda like this one...MUST.HAVE...

Yep. I am in LOVE with this new line. I want to make everything with it. Tula Pink is rocking my world these days :) I will be making this...One of these days. I may be ninety by the time I finish it but I will make this....

And next on my list of to-do's will be to play with this lovely little stack of goodies. I am really looking forward to when this comes out.

And I got sucked into the Scrappy Trip-Along ride and I have to say I have seriously loving this quilt. I haven't been quilting for a very long and this quilt forced me to step out of my comfort zone. Just grabbing different fabrics from different lines was really hard for me but once I got into a groove I LOVED it! Can't wait to start another one.

Almost done with this one and as soon as I finish it I will post it. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week.



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