Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursdays Thought + Stash Club

Thursday's thought is that I need to really organize my office/sewing space. Between work, kid, husband, tons of homework (what are these teachers thinking) I don't get a lot of downtime to clean my sewing room. I'd much rather crawl and trip over stuff and sew than clean it ;) And lucky for me I came across a Spring Cleaning for your sewing room kinda challenge. HERE

I am always looking for some input and inspiration on how to organize myself and I think this may just what I have been looking for :) So if your looking for that little boost to get yourself into the spring cleaning mood check out Pink Castle Fabrics blog (link above) and give it a shot.

ENABLER ALERT: On another note...I have started to realize that my "stash" just isn't much. I haven't been sewing for very long so I know it will take some time to build it up. Unfortunately..I get all excited when I see these awesome quilts being done using your stash and scraps..Hmmm..can't really play if I don't have anything to play with. SO low and behold they have things just for these little problems.

How perfect is this! Yep...a club to build your stash. LOVE. So needless to say I joined and my little stash collection is starting. Happy Happy Happy :) So if you need a little extra for those awesome stash and scrappy projects check it out HERE

On another side note...I do not receive anything from Pink Caslte Fabrics I just really love both of these little diddy's and thought I would share. :)

Have a wonderful week!



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